Friday, January 22, 2016

Week 3 Reflections:

During the course of the past 3 weeks we have made an anterior cruciate ligament(acl) prevention website. The website includes an acl focused workout and information on this topic, including logistics on the injuries, and what the anterior cruciate ligament is(acl.) Also, we went outside and photographed each other doing the exercises to set an example. Furthermore, we have been emailing with the Assistant Clinical Professor of  the University of New England. We are hoping that in the next week we will have a meeting and learn more information on this topic. Our hope is too propose a group of workouts to the Yarmouth School District so that we can bring this important topic to their attention. In the next few weeks our group wants to go to UNE to interview some students that have experienced this injury in the past. And, too get more information on our workout. Meanwhile, we have been using the graphic organizer to record our dot jots which answer our guiding questions. After this is completed we want to turn these notes into a proposal in the form of an essay. This is such an enticing subject! And, we can't wait to learn more!


  1. Can you add a link to your web site on this blog. I'd really like to see how you're coming along.

  2. This is our link