Friday, January 29, 2016

What did you accomplish today?  
We had an interview with Kirsten Buchanan. She gave us really great information on how these exersices help to improve the anterior crucial ligament. Also, we got some really great insight on the pros and cons of getting surgery and waiting. We continued to write our proposal and we found a really great website called FIFA 11+.

Where are you at in your notetaking process at this point?  
Right now we have already made a notecard on what the ACL is. And, we are taking notes on the FIFA 11+ website to give more information on the organization.

How much longer will you need for your research?  
Right now we think that we can finish our middle school workout in the next few weeks. In the next trimester we want to pursue this topic and try to present the workout to the highschool and the elementary school.

What challenges are you facing?  

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